MagnoLab Network Expands with Key Partnerships with Pattern and Achille Pinto

The MagnoLab network is expanding as it welcomes two new partners, Pattern and Achille Pinto, thereby broadening its collaboration across the supply chain, from design to the creation of finished garments, amongst the Italian textile districts.

“We are honored and pleased to have Achille Pinto and Pattern, companies of such caliber, join the MagnoLab network. Their excellence in their respective fields and their specific contributions of skills and operations enrich our network,” comments Giovanni Marchi, President of MagnoLab. “Our mission is indeed to collaborate in a structured way to develop innovation, research, projects, and concrete solutions to the challenges of an increasingly attentive and demanding market.

These new partnerships seamlessly complement the range of processes and operations that MagnoLab can handle. The end of the textile apparel fashion supply chain is a field of significant yet complex innovation. Still, together with Achille Pinto and Pattern, we are confident of creating synergies that accelerate our journey towards more sustainable and responsible production.”

“For the Pattern Group, innovation, people, and sustainability are central,” states Luca Sburlati, CEO of the Pattern Group. “MagnoLab perfectly represents a union of companies of excellence in the Italian textile supply chain aimed at these three concepts. We are discussing one of the few places in the world where it is currently possible to physically gather all the different technologies needed to produce a fabric and then a finished garment, a place also dedicated to product and process innovation and to the training of the younger generation.”

“The mission of Achille Pinto is to actively influence changes in the sector; we aim to be proactive and innovative,” says Matteo Uliassi, CEO and Finished Product Manager at Achille Pinto. “We believe in the importance of networking, developing connections to generate new ideas. Therefore, we are proud to be part of MagnoLab, a unique opportunity to unite the know-how and expertise of different partners, which we are sure will lead to significant change.”

The addition of these companies brings the total number of MagnoLab partners to ten: Achille Pinto, DBT Fibre, De Martini, Marchi & Fildi, Filidea, Di.VĂ©, Pattern, Pinter Group, Maglificio Maggia, and Tintoria Finissaggio 2000.

For further information about Pattern and Achille Pinto, please visit their respective websites: Pattern and Achille Pinto.